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This project has received funding from the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) under grant agreement no. EDIDP-ACC-SPS-2020-069-CARMENTA.


CARMENTA SPS is a SPS suite that will push forward the EU technological excellence, through its strong innovative characteristics driven by cooperative capability, the highly integrated, modular, and fully in-field reconfigurable design.


The design of the future SPS for airborne platforms will start from an analysis of the concept of operations (CONOPS) followed by a functional analysis, technical assessment and gap analysis based on the current technologies and solutions. This will allow to design the candidate architectures, the studies for integration on platforms, their modelling and verification on a simulation environment. Finally, the project will define the Preliminary Design at system level.



CARMENTA SPS will be developed based on a modular design and standard interfaces that will allow easy system reconfiguration, based on specific mission or end users’ needs, and the possibility to accommodate future technologies like new sensors and new actuators.

This capability will also simplify the integration into the legacy and future platform. Interoperability will be another key driver of the CARMENTA SPS system: it will be open to sharing and coordination of assets among different platforms equipped with CARMENTA SPS, allowing for a dynamic system management during the mission, as well as to share and receive information with different allied platforms.

CARMENTA SPS will consider the wide and heterogeneous spectrum of threats, conventional (like current air defence systems) and new and/or unconventional (e.g. hostile use of unmanned vehicles to defeat friendly platforms, cyber-attacks, directed energy weapons).

Moreover, CARMENTA SPS system shall have cognitive behaviours. It will be able to assess and prioritise threats in the area of operations and shall select the proper reaction, evaluate the effectiveness and predict the consequences, so reducing and simplifying the human-in-the-loop effort.


SPS CARMENTA General Architecture



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