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This project has received funding from the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) under grant agreement no. EDIDP-ACC-SPS-2020-069-CARMENTA.


CARMENTA SPS Technical Management Board meeting

On 27-28 September, the CARMENTA SPS Technical Management Board (TMB) met at the ELETTRONICA SPA (ELT) premises in Rome.

Main objectives of this meeting, chaired by ELT, as Coordinator, were on one hand to discuss the project progress status identifying future challenges, risks and mitigations, on the other to review and agree inputs and outputs expected from and to different Work Packages, in terms of Requirement identification and management. The latter activity aimed to foster harmonisation among the project activities, solving discrepancies in the project schedule and misinterpretations in the tasks to be performed among WPs.

The TMB is the Consortium body that has the technical authority in the project. In the TMB meetings the companies acting as WPs Leaders are represented but attendance is open upon request to all the beneficiaries to discuss and find agreements in technical topics. The TMB will meet monthly (remotely) and quarterly in face-to-face meetings. The chairmanship is shared between Elettronica and Thales that have the technical co-leadership of the project.



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