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This project has received funding from the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) under grant agreement no. EDIDP-ACC-SPS-2020-069-CARMENTA.


Self Protection Suite (SPS) Modelling

Four new tasks started in the eleventh month of the project, this time we want to present one of them in more detail.

Task 7.5, led by Airbus DS ES, will model the main SPS characteristics, in terms of behaviour including Sensors, Effector and EW Manager modelling. This is one of the key tasks involved in the development of the whole modelling framework, which is led by SAFRAN Electronics & Defense. The SPS modelling, provided by Task 7.5, will be incorporated in the simulated environment, which will assess several SPS architecture performances. Simulation results will help to make data driven design choices in forthcoming system development phases.

According to Gediminas Molis, a researcher from BPTI, the framework developed in CARMENTA SPS will find use in adaptation or upgrade of the existing air platforms, or the platforms that right now are in the process of acquisition in the Armed Forces. Participating in this design phase brings new capability for the industries involved.

The task of generating SPS models and assessing existing and “new age” functionalities at this early stage in front of realistic system-of-system scenarios is really challenging and for sure will bring rewards to all participants in this task. The interaction with other CARMENTA’s Work Packages is key to success in the objectives proposed in this task and also for the whole System Modelling & Assessment.

Other tasks that also started in the M11 of the project:

T7.2 Operational Scenario Modelling

T7.3 Threats Modelling

T7.4 Platform Modelling



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